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Thanks for visiting our site!  Grassfed Beef Cattle Company, owned by Steve and Ginger Wyatt and Josh and Callie Wyatt, is located on 80 acres located in the West Georgia areas of Newnan and Woodbury.  Our love of cooking healthy and delicious food led us to start raising our own grassfed meat.  We are not a large operation and only keep as many animals as our pastures will sustain.  Since we do not feed grain, we have to ensure that we don't over graze our pastures.

Our methods are simple.  Water and grass.  No hormones to grow bigger animals, no massive antibiotics, or steroids.  Because our animals live as nature intended, they are healthy and easy to care for.

Beef comes from cows and all cows are pretty much the same, so they say.  One head, four legs, a tail, and they moo when they want something, right?  Well, sort of.  When it comes to the type of beef that a cow will produce, the answer is no, not all cows are the same. There is a huge difference in the meat that can be produced from one cow to the next.

We love to eat really good food. So, we started raising our own beef because we wanted to live a healthier lifestyle.  So now we raise all natural, grassfed beef.  We also raise our own eggs and rabbits.  It's healthier for you.  But, that is only half of the equation.  If something is good for you, but it tastes horrible, what good is that?  No one is going to eat it.  That brings me to the second half of the equation....taste.

We put as much thought into the taste of our meat as we do into the health benefits.  There are many factors that contribute to the flavor of meat (not taking into account the cooking method.)  The breed of the cow, the age of the cow, what the cow eats and what kind of lifestyle the cow lives all contribute to what kind of meat the cow will produce.

The age of the cow is probably the biggest contributor to the strength of the flavor of the meat.  A younger cow has a more subtle flavor.  An older cow will have a much stronger flavor. Another factor is the breed of the cow.  There are many different breeds of cattle.  Some are produced especially for meat, some for milk and even some for both (all-purpose).  Beef cattle are good at gaining weight easily and producing nice cuts of meat.  Dairy cows are good at producing milk.  There isn't much focus on what kind of meat they produce.  However, there are a lot of dairy bull calves that are produced each year.  They can't give milk, so their other option is to be meat cattle. And some breeds make very good beef and some don’t.

Not all cows are the same.  Asking a few extra questions about the cow that your meat came from can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the meat.  Know your food. We are proud of our beef.  It tastes great and it's good for you.  

100% grassfed beef cattle, ample room to roam, processed at just the right time.

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