beef form

Butcher Cut Sheet

Grassfed Cattle Co.                         PORK                    DATE____________________   
770-301-5673                   CUTTING PREFERENCE SHEET
Fax 770-254-1501



SMOKING:    Ham ______________   Bacon________ Sausage____________________

The Ham-Bacon-Sausage to be processed as follows: ___________________

LOIN: (Check One)

Center Chops _________   ________# per package
One Roast; rest in chops _________   ________# per package
All Chops _________       _________# per package
All Roasts ______________     ROASTS:  How Big ___________

TENDERLOINS—Removed Left Whole or Part of Loin Roasts/Chops (Circle One)

PORK BUTTS—Country Ribs or Roasts or Some of Both (Circle One)

TRIM (Circle One) Ground Sausage OR Sausage Links (Flavor: Italian or Bratwurst   
                                                                                                              or Summer Sage)
                                    OR Ground Pork: ________________

Hocks Saved:  Yes / No   in Sausage_______ in Ground_________

Trimmings Saved:  Yes / No In Sausage______ in Ground______

Do You Want:  Back Fat         Yes / No         
                           Leaf Fat         Yes / No
                           Heart              Yes / No
                           Feet                 Yes / No
                           Liver               Yes / No

Vacuum Packaging -    YES or NO

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

Address Required: __________________________________________________________