beef form

Butcher Cut Sheet

Name _________________________________________

Phone Number___________________________________

Please Circle all yes or no / and fill in any thickness or weights.
Your Choice of either Filets and NY Strips or T Bones.
Roasts Circled No will be added as additional Ground.
Sausage is available per request for an additional processing fee.
Vacuum packaging at extra fee per pound.

Ribeye                 ___ per pkg _____ inches thick
Sirloin                 ___ per pkg _____ inches thick

Filets                   ___ per pkg _____ inches thick
NY Strip              ___ per pkg _____ inches thick
T Bone                ___ per pkg _____ inches thick

Chuck Roast       Yes or No    _____ avg pound roasts
Sirloin Tip Roast Yes or No    _____ avg pound roasts
Shoulder Roast    Yes or No    _____ avg pound roasts
Rump Roast        Yes or No    _____ avg pound roasts

Brisket                Whole or Halves

Cube Steak         Yes or No    one pound pkgs

Short Ribs           Yes or No

Stir Fry Yes or No

Stew Meat Yes or No

Liver                   Yes or No    _____ pound pkgs

Cheek Meat        Yes or No

Ox Tail                Yes or No

Heart                  Yes or No

Tongue                Yes or No

Soup Bones Yes or No